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We are now seeing  children of all ages for well visits.

For everyone's safety we only have one family in the office at a time.  Each child has their exam and shots and then the rest of the visit is conducted by video chat later that day. 

Congratulations to scribe and future pediatrician Ally Sarkis who is starting medical school in New Hampshire! 

We welcome new scribe Dianna Grigorian, recent UCLA grad!

Due to popular demand, I regret to announce that at this time I am only able to accept siblings of current patients into my practice.

Did you


Masks with exhaust valves protect you when you breathe in BUT don't filter air when you breathe out.  In order to protect people around you, you need to cover the exhaust openings with duct or painter's tape. Read more about it in this recent L.A. Times article.


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What's Going Around?

September 2020

Coronavirus. It's been very quiet otherwise- - staying home really prevents illness!

A few families have caught coronavirus; no one has needed to be hospitalized that I'm aware of and all the kids have had mild symptoms.

I'm getting calls about roseola and mosquito bites.

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Traveling outside the U.S.?

Check with the CDC to

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The CDC recommends that infants from 6-12 months old get MMR and Hepatitis A vaccine early if traveling internationally - including Mexico

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