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Fall 2023 flu shot and FluMist nasal sprays are in!

  Everyone is recommended to get vaccinated by October 15th to be prepared for winter flu season.

 Due to popular demand, at this time I am only able to accept 3 new families with newborns per month.  Please call the office to get on our list.

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Same-day appointments


Fellow of

the American Academy

of Pediatrics

Did you know?

Wondering if the air quality is safe in your neighborhood today? is a crowdsourced website where people put up sensors outside their homes and it uploads to the website every 10 minutes.   I love it!

Use the portal to:

Fill out a survey online before your visit


Send a secure message to Dr. Schramm

Print vaccine records

Review your child's chart

Request a non-urgent appointment


Located in the beautiful Carthay Circle neighborhood of West Los Angeles at 6330 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 305, Los Angeles 90048


Office Hours:

Mon - Fri  9 a.m. - 5​ p.m.

After hours: Call me any time with medical concerns! 

What's Going Around?

Traveling outside the U.S.?

Dec 2023




Signs of more serious illness may include:

Fever over 103

Any fever over 3 days 

Fever that starts after 3          days of a cold



Working hard to breathe

Coughing more often than     every ten minutes

Vomiting that does not           stop within 4 hours 

Check with the CDC to

find the latest advice on preventing illness during your trip!

The CDC recommends that infants from 6-12 months old get MMR and Hepatitis A vaccine early if traveling internationally - including Mexico.

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